Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik (2021)

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  Release Date: Feb 12, 2021
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Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik is an Indian comedy in the Telugu language that follows Motley characters and Chitti. The characters include a single father, Fhani, who owns a condom company and a playboy personality. While Fhani relies on his son Ram Kapoor for the future, Ram falls for Umaa and keeps loving her despite her being engaged to another man. Soon, Chitti enters their life and disrupts everything, with no one knowing how the baby is related to any of the characters. Will anyone find out the relation between the Motley characters and Chitti? Also, discover how Chitti’s entry impacts everyone’s life.

Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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