Fruits Basket: Prelude (2022)

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  Release Date: Feb 18, 2022
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  Runtime: 88 min


Fruit Basket is a Japanese drama, animation, and romantic manga series. Tohru wants to live with her grandfather after the death of her mother. She moves to a tent but, because of a landslide, her tent gets destroyed. Then she meets Yuki, Kyo, and Shiguru’s orange-haired cousin, who crashes via the ceilings and challenges Yuki when she moves to the home of Sohma. While Tohru knows about Sohma’s curse, it stretches far darker and deeper than what the former thinks. Her acceptance and presence leave a positive influence on those whom zodiac has possessed. Will she be successful when she sets out to crack the curse and find Sohma’s vengeful zodiac spirit?

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