Sound of Freedom (2023)

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  Release Date: Jul 04, 2023
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  Runtime: 131 min
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In 2013, Roberto Aguilar from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, agrees to modeling contracts for his children, Rocío and Miguel, with former beauty queen Giselle. However, they are abducted and sold as sex slaves. In Calexico, California, HSI Special Agent Tim Ballard arrests a man, Ernst Oshinsky, and deceives him to gain access to trafficked children, rescuing Miguel but not Rocío. Ballard resigns and travels to Colombia, working with Vampiro and others to dismantle Giselle’s operation, though Rocío is still missing. Learning she is held by FARC rebels, Ballard infiltrates their camp, kills leader El Alacrán, and rescues Rocío. They escape, and Rocío reunites with her family. Tim testifies before Congress, leading to laws promoting international cooperation against sex trafficking. The epilogue notes current levels of slavery surpass those during legal slavery times. 4o

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