Venom 2 (2021)

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  Release Date: Oct 01, 2021
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  Runtime: 97 min
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Venom: Let There be Carnage, an American superhero film, is the second part of the Venom series and the Spiderman Universe by Sony. It follows Brock struggling to co-exist with Venom while another symbiote appears to kill them. When Brock and Venom helped detective Mulligan in solving the serial killer, Cletus Kasady’s case, he bites and ingests a part of venom. This develops a red symbiote, Carnage who takes Kasady as his host and helps him escape. Now, Kasady wants to revenge Broke while Carnage wants to kill Venom and be the only symbiote. Now, Broke and Venom must join hands and fight against this new threat as a single unit before it’s too late.

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